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GENUINE ICT ACADEMY is a streamlined version of Real and Genuine ICT Knowledge impartation firm, as it aims to exude more focus on the surrounding markets through its qualitative concentration on ICT Prospect in terms of Training and Services, also attention is given to E-class, E-learning, ICT Certifications, Training & Support Services, Website Development, Hosting, Consulting and General ICT Solutions.

Genuine ICT Academy is a new top-of-the-shelf ICT Firm, a gem –like introduction into the ICT World, representing a unique platform that provides a virtually ready made avenue for entrepreneurs, schools, finance house, government and private organizations, large and small scale business to reach their current share of the market while expanding their coverage to new horizons, hence them a milestone edge above their competitors.

Genuine ICT Academy is a full –fleshed ICT-oriented Firm as it is solely committed to giving business the best and widest reach while providing ICT solution to every marketing, advertisement and publicity needs through the internet World.

Genuine ICT Academy as a far-reaching ICT oriented Firm focuses it attention amongst other things on: ICT EDUCATION, WEBDESIGN & HOSTING, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, DATABASE PROGRAMING, TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS in its pursuit to strengthening a major 'ICT backbone' of any business in Nigeria and abroad.

Our organization has successfully establish herself as a major player in ICT Education having highly motivated and well-trained innovative professionals capable of providing much needed educational training require by our ever-growing students with a passion committed to deliver unrivalled expertise thereby improving the quality and standard of the educational system by bridging the technology divided in Nigerian schools.

Meet our team

Our Team

Engr. Kehinde Okunola

C.E.O, Director

Ridwan Olaitan Oladapo

Software Engineer

Ayokulehin Owoyeye

Network Engineer


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