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Flat Rate vs Hourly Rate: What Should You Choose?

Content How We Make Money Guide for How to Price Power Washing Quality of Services Performance-based Model When you use a flat rate processor, all of your transactions fall under one flat rate. This rate includes both the interchange or wholesale rate plus the processor’s markup. The meeting can also take the form of a […]
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Outstanding Shares: Formula, Calculation, Types and Importance

EPS is used as an input by financial analysts in various relative valuation formulas such as the price-to-earnings ratio. Also, if a company’s basic EPS is significantly higher than its diluted EPS, it may raise concerns regarding future dilution among investors. It’s important to understand the difference between total outstanding shares and total fully diluted […]
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What is retained earnings?

Content How Is Retained Earnings Calculated? Additional Resources Presentation of Retained Earnings Retained Earnings Video The Wharton Online and Wall Street Prep Private Equity Certificate Program But while the first scenario is a cause for concern, a negative balance could also result from an aggressive dividend payout – e.g. dividend recapitalization in LBOs. This could […]
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