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We implement SIWES in a pragmatic manner to empower you to succeed in life. We equip students with the required industry attitude, skills, knowledge and experience to become more productive in today's workplace.

Our goal is to prepare undergraduates for the IT industry both locally and internationally in such a manner as to become employer's preferred choice for jobs.

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PHP Programming Path

This path will guide you through PHP, a server-side scripting language you can use to make dynamic websites and web applications.

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– Learn to program in PHP, a widespread language that powers sites like Facebook.

Javascript Programming Path

This path will guide you through adding dynamic behavior, storing information, and handling requests and responses on a website. The concepts covered in this path lays the foundation for adding this behavior.

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– Learn the same technologies that enable Netflix and Airbnb to create powerful interactive web apps

Java Programming Path

This path will guide you through building secure, powerful applications that run across multiple operating systems, including Linux, MAC OS X and Windows.

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Microsoft C# Programming Path

This path willl teach developers the programming knowledge and skills that are essential for creating Windows applications with the use of C# language and the ASP.Net Framework.

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Python Programming Path

This path is great for programming beginners because the Python Language is concise, easy to read and versatile. In this path we will teach you the essential skills for creating web based applications using the Django Framework.

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– Learn to program in Python, a powerful language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox

Network & Hardware Engineering Path

This path includes the study of external devices, which make up a network that helps in the data processing and transfer and also imparts knowledge about how data can be linked, supplied, and transferred with the help of hardware such as network interface cards, cables, switches, hubs, etc.

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